Poi Lessons: Beginners Toolbox – READ THIS FIRST

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Rule No.1: There are No Rules!

Selecting the ‘right’ Poi for you is all about trial and error. You are highly likely to find that there are several ‘right’ Poi’s for you. It won’t do you any harm to get familiar with all types, and it needn’t cost you a small fortune either. See my ‘Poi: Choices Shmoices for a Poi guide of what is on offer and what to expect from them.

The 1st Thing You Should Do With Your Poi

Before any Poi Lessons, if you are new to Poi or have not long started out, you MUST watch this video. I didn’t watch it early enough, and I really wish I did, I got in to some bad ‘clinical’ habits. It is something to keep in mind. Be inspired and stay inspired….

So you see, good things to keep in mind right? Practising certain moves over and over as you will inevitably do, can put a stall on your creativity. Freestyle is just as important, let yourself go.

The Four basic Modes you can Swing

Poi Balance: How to Hit yourself Less!

I had been spinning some time before I found this video. I chalked out two lines on my patio, and off I went. It all seems a little obvious, but until I put them down, I had no idea how much easier turning is with half a clue on where the Poi should really be landing. MUCH improvement! You’ll do well to take this in early on, it will save you a lot of time and bruising.

About Balance

A lot of Poi Spinners practise Yoga. Yoga is good for improving posture and overall balance of body, and mind. Poi, like yoga, requires and improves physical balance and mental discipline. There are a few Poi Retreats around, and they all incorporate Yoga into there courses.

Names to familiarise yourself with

Nick Woolsey &

Play Poi is one of the best Poi resources online. Some of the best tutorials are made by Playpoi. They regularly post new material. They have courses that they run in Bali, and are a genuine all round inspiring group.

Home of Poi – is as the name suggest, a huge resource for Poi Community, Poi tuition and Poi Shop. This Australian based company are the gods of Poi products!  They are the biggest supplier of Poi and Poi accessories. Excellent customer service. Although I am in the UK, literally the other side of the world, I always save money with them because of their unrivalled loyalty discounts.

Michael Caden Pike –

11mcp11, as he is known on youtube, is primarily a staff spinner. Eternally grateful am I, that he spins Poi too. Some of the funkiest spinning I’ve seen. Creatively, definitely one to follow.

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