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All I wanna do is swing! Smiley Buying Poi can be overwhelming, so many options when choosing a set of Poi, and that’s before you get in to all the interchangeable accessories! Here is a break-down of all the pro’s on con’s of the types of Poi on available to you. Hover over images for individual prices. Click on images to visit the store pages.

The Soft Choices:

Tail Poi

View a Video

Pros: Tail Poi great for beginners and are always a hit with younger audiences. With tails it is easy to see what you are doing. Some tails be removed from the heads which is helpful for less tangling . But do check before you buy.

Cons: Strings have a tendency to knot up when they collide, seldom untangling themselves! The cheaper components can break over a fairly short time.

Sock & Cone Poi

View a Video Learn to Make

Pros: Sock and Cone Poi are very versitile, you can put any weight inside them, including LED balls. Sock Poi are very versatile to swing with. More advanced moves like isolations, wraps stalls and floats are more pleasing on the eye.

Cons: They really are a great all rounder, but alas, you cannot set them on fire!

More Poi Choices:

Flag Poi

View a Video –  How to Make Flag Poi

Pros: Flag Poi make beautiful circles, they really do have a flamenco feel to them. They certainly make you feel inspired. They are a nice set to have in your Poi box.

Cons: Flags are not as soft as they look. A chain, usually a ball chain runs the entire length of one seam.  They aren’t as versatile with more advanced moves, but they they do bring other moves in to a whole new zone.

Contact Poi

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As you can see contact is a different kind of Poi altogether. I’m exploring contact for the first time this Spring. I will update the post with the true pros and cons of all Contact Poi available. There are two types of cord as you see above. Most stores stock 72 and 80mm Balls. I will be reviewing both cord version and weights in this summer when I’ve given contact a good try.

LED Glow Poi

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Expect to pay from £12.00 to around £100

Soft Glows                       Fairly Hard                Fairly hard        Emergency-Room hard

Pros: They aren’t just beautiful, memorizing, inspiring and awesome… They are also great to learn on! With glow you can see the patterns you are trying to create and really get to grips with where each part of your circle should be landing.

Cons: Too much bashing and the lights on some, will go out for good. The more robust the Glow Poi, the harder the material.. aka.. ouch! Watch this space for new and improved Glow Poi.

Flow Toys

View a Video

Expect to pay from £40.00 upwards


Fire Poi~

View a Video

Expect to pay from £40.00 upwards

The Ultimate in Poi Spinning! Dancing with fire is uplifting and thrilling. The warm glow and the windy sound of fire flowing through the air, blissful and terrifying at the same time. You can’t buy that feeling. – Well, actually you can! 🙂

Pros: The range of Fire Poi is extensive and expensive. You have a vast range of Chains, wires and handles. A huge choices of single heads, double and tripple headed Poi. You can even buy Coloured Flame!

Cons: Fire takes some planning, you can’t just pick up and swing. As a beginner or intermediate you should NEVER play with fire alone. It is frighteningly easy to catch clothing alight without noticing.. sounds like a ‘stupid people’ moment, but it happens to everyone. Fibre is fibre, and flame is flame, and flames eat fibres. Do NOT swing with fire on your own.



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