Sock Poi for Versatility

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Versatility: 10/10

Dube Poi Socks

Sock Poi are the perfect practice Poi and still put on a good show. They give a satisfying swing with an even drag through the air. Sock Poi are visually mesmerising and look ‘trick’ on the eye. A lot of Advanced Poi Moves look stronger with Sock Poi. Stalls, isolations and Wrist wraps are very attractive to watch.

Sock Poi come in a variety of funky fabrics. Widely available and simple to make.  Sock Poi are more forgiving than wire, chain or string. They don’t tangle when they entwine themselves. Isolating is easier to learn because it is easier to see. Throwing & Catching is easier with sock poi too. Hyper-loops and Orbital’s are easy and smooth. Beware shinier Soc Poi fabrics, as they have less grip. Sock Poi typically Range from $7 – $30.00

The quickest way to make your own Poi socks? Use rice! See below.


Where to Buy Sock Poi


Homeofpoi.comWorldwide shipping

HOP have a range simple Sock Poi. Their patterned Socks are non-shiny with the right amount of give in the fabric. Their most popular being the Jailhouse Soc Poi, which are visually stunning with or without Glow Poi. You can also buy Cone Poi, which are very similar to Sock Poi, in a generous range of colours and a choice of handles.

Gogogloglo.comWorldwide Shipping

Gogogloglo sell a wide range of Sock Poi. The budget Poi are shiny and do not grip as well as other Socks, but are perfectly fine otherwise. Their most eye catching Sock Poi are the SonicsoX. They are beautiful, everyone should have at least one pair! However, they come with a Beanbag too heavy for me. After I changed the weights, I still found them sluggish and difficult for wrist wraps and Hyper-loops. Very pretty, but not very versatile.

How to make Sock Poi

You don’t have to be a master seamstress to put a pair of socks together. You will find many guides on sites across the internet, my favourite is this one below.


Buying Beans, balls and Socks

Balls: Bean filled balls are great for practising with because they won’t break your beautiful face. Juggling balls and bean bags can be found here: Soft Balls & Bean Balls Find LED Glow Poi Balls here: 15% Glow Discount Use discount code: ‘aap’ at the checkout.

Socks: You can find lots of FUNKY SOCKS at Amazon If you are in the UK, Poundland cureently stock long Rainbow Socks which make excellent Sock Poi for only £1 🙂

Sock Poi Handles

Sock Poi generally don’t come with handles, nor do you need them. However if you are used to them a quick and easy way to make a Double or Single loop handle~

1. First make a Loop at the end, big enough for four fingers and tie off with a simple knot.

2. To make this into a Double loop is simple, it is ‘just’ the way you hold it… Hold the loop over your hand, like a noose, so the knot you just made is north and the loop is dangling over your hand. With palms up place you two fingers in to the loop. Now simply let the poi drop down fingertip side, and you have two loops that will stay on your fingers.

As your spinning progresses you may want to try throwing and catching mid spin.. this is where loops are not necessary. You do not need a handle at all for throwing and catching, but I have  found having a counter weight very helpful. Homeofpoi have wooden and heavy duty plastic ball handles which are lovely.. but not for everyone. If you have small hands, they are a little uncomfortable.



First Set?

Contact Poi

Ninja Poi

Sock Poi


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