Buying Poi: Prepare to be dazzled!

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When Fiber Optics meet Poi Something magical happens!

Long lasting, only light up while you are spinning. They run on AAA batteries and these babies can bare the most extreme playing!

There are 10 different displays and Six colors. In turn, Each Color Poi head comes with its own unique displays and colors (See info below)




Amazing light shows in the palm of your hands!

Available in Five color Heads, each with unique settings from Simplistic to Fully featured





1. Simon: inspired by the classic Simon Game, Simon effect features large slices of 4 colors.

2. Zebra: thin slices of white and a variable color. The variable color changes rapidly.

3. Green witch: green slices interlaced with a variable color that changes between red, blue and pink.

4. Chopper: white flashes with a variable color at the edges.

5. Chameleon: large slices of similar variable colors, separated with white thin lines. The colors change slowly.

6. Rabbit: equal slices of white and a variable color that change rapidly between red, green, blue and pink.

7. Watermelon: slices of red and green “fighting” for domination. As the red gets larger the green gets thinner and vise versa.

8. Jamaica: separated slices of green yellow and red – Rastafarian style.

9. Inca: thin slices of multiple colors creating a typical South American Indian style.

10. Cleopatra: thin and non-equal pairs of colors – yellow-blue, pink-green, azure-red. The pairs change rapidly and create a royal look.


 A variation of the watermelon effect. Slices of 2 colors; One gets wider as the other gets thinner, then they switch rolls and so on. 3 states, each state is a different set of colors with the same effect.

5  states: Chameleon, watermelon, Jamaica, Inca, Cleopatra

Based on the Rabbit effect. In the original effect, the colors change automatically. In this version, the colors are fixed in each state and change only by pulling. 4 states: pink, green, blue, red.

6 states: Simon, Chopper, Rabbit, Cleopatra, Watermelon, Jamaica.

10 states: Simon, Zebra, Witch, Chopper, Chameleon, Rabbit, Watermelon, Jamaica, Inca, Cleopatra.





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