Behind the Back Weave (3-beat)

In Poi Lessons: Beginner to Advanced on July 23, 2011 at 9:57 pm

Behind-the-Back Moves

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Behind the back 3 Beat Weave

You should already be able to; 3 beat weave comfortably forwards and backwards. It will help if you can also Turn in 3 beat weave

First some clear Slow-mo Videos – This is forwards weave Btb


Notice: When weaving forwards behind your back, your arms cross over ‘under’ each other not over each other as they do forwards weaving in front of you. 

BtB Weave in depth lesson with Playpoi 

Still not getting it? Try these:

Turning in BtB Weave

Turning in BTB Weave has the same hand movements as the Btb part of the full waste wrap. If you are finding this difficult, move on to the next. Learning one will help the other, tryboth. 

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