Behind the Back Poi Moves

In Poi Lessons: Beginner to Advanced on July 23, 2011 at 9:57 pm

Behind-the-Back Moves

In this Post: BTB Weaves, BTB waste Wrap, BTB Butterfly, BTB Through-the-legs, BTB Crossers, BTB Extras

Where to Begin

The hand movements of the Btb Waste Wrap are the same movements you use to turn in btb Weaves making them good to learn after one another. If you find you are particularly better at REELS than Weaving The Full Waste Wrap will be easiest to start with.  If you find you more comfortable in the Butterfly over Reels or Weaves then that is where you should begin.

Do not over force moves,push your limits gradually, know that your body is going to become flexible in (a short) Time not overnight.  


Behind The Back Moves

BTB Weave (3-beat)

BTB Waste Wrap (Coming soon)

BTB Butterfly (Coming soon)

BTB Crossers (Coming soon)

BTB Extras Inc. The Matrix (Coming soon)

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