Ten Poi Tricks

In Poi Moves: Funky Tricks on November 29, 2011 at 4:39 pm

This awesome video was uploaded to youtube in 2008 by youtube user benandrews141087






10 POI TRICKS – The Tutorials

There are no specific tutorials based directly on the video.  It has been a mission, but here are the videos to help you learn these tricks! Some aren’t tutorials at all, but are good to watch over and over as you do and you’ll eventually get it 🙂 I will update the links with new and improved tutorials as they come online


#1 Throwing and Catching

A word on Counterweights

#2 Poi Catch

I am SO grateful for this video!

#3 Butterfly Air wraps and Hyperloops

Take a Hyperloops lesson here

#4 Behind-the-back In front Butterfly

This is a SAME DIRECTION tutorial I will update with a butterfly version when I find one! 

#5 B-t-b Hyperloop

This is a regular hyperloop tutorial I will update with a behind the back version when I find one! 

#6 Five Beat Anti-weave Spin

This is a THREE beat weave anti spin tutorial but the same applys to a 5 beat and it is easy to learn from this video

#7 B-t-b Thread the Needle/Halo

To move to a Halo, simply lift the Poi in to a Horizontal plane

#8 Seven Beat Weaves and Corkscrew

This is a glow sticks tutorial, but we all know its the same thing ;p

#9 B-t-b Hugs/Crossers

This is the video I learnt from too 🙂

#10 Double One-handed Butterfly

Not a tutorial but easy to follow, nice and smooth When doing Poi one-handed it helps to over-exaggerate your wrist movement


Seen better tutorials? Let us know!


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