Buying Poi for the first time

In Poi for beginners, Poi Reviews on December 16, 2011 at 11:56 am

Buying Poi for the first time

You will hit yourself a LOT. Think about Softness!

Sock Poi

Great for practices as they detangle themselves quite easily! Generally come with light-weight tennis balls but you can slip anything inside I use my socks with small soft juggling balls that I bought from Amazon They are a perfect weight and Pain free!

Make your own Sock Poi – Click here

Tail Poi

They are undoubtable beautiful BUT, they tangle a LOT both the tails (which are removable on some sets) and the strings. When learning the tails trace your circles which is helpful and worth having, and they are a big hit, especially with younger audiences.


* * *

More Soft Options

It is a good idea to search Google images once in  a while because so many people are making their own unique Pois and mail ordering them via blogs, with new ones popping up all the time. I particularly love Planetizips and Templeofpoi


* * *



Soft Glow Poi

Poi Handles

Good sites that sell Poi

Buying Poi: Choices Smoices An overview of all the types of poi 

Beginner lessons: Where to start 


Make your own Sock Poi

Make your own Flag Poi


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