Beginner Poi: Tips and Tricks

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Basic Beginner Moves

If you have a preference for Swinging by the sides of you (weaving) it’s good to start with these videos:

  1. The Weave (1 Hand BW)
  2. The Weave (1 Hand FW)
  3. 3 Beat Weave (FW)
  4. 3 Beat Weave (BW)

If you prefer Swinging in front of you (butterflies and reels) these are the easiest moves to start with:

  1. The Butterfly
  2. Angel Wings
  3. Hip Reels
  4. Shoulder Reels
  5. Reel Turns

Switching from Front to Side Swinging

Hip and shoulders reels slide nicely in to weaves but what about butterflies to weaves? There’s a couple of fun ways to do this. It will really free up your flow when you can switch. Super easy too.

  1. Wrist Stops (also hips, thighs, arms)
  2. Stalls

Beginner Course

Playpoi have more in depth tutorials for beginners. If you want to get more serious about poi and are prepared to practice a lot try these tutorials



Good Beginner Poi




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