How to make Sock Poi

In AAP BLOG, Poi for beginners on December 19, 2011 at 6:16 pm

Making Sock Poi

The simplest of all the Poi to make are Sock Poi. Ultimately a pair of mid-calf or longer socks will do it!  The weight is whatever you are comfortable with, typical Poi weights are from 90g – 140g. Tennis balls are pretty ideal, but not the softest option. I prefer bean filled juggling balls. This video by Playpoi and presented by Nick Woolsey.

Buying Beans, balls and Socks

Balls: Bean filled balls are great for practising with because they won’t break your beautiful face. Juggling balls and bean bags can be found here: Soft Balls & Bean Balls or just about anywhere online.

Socks: You can find lots of FUNKY SOCKS at Amazon But also doing a Google image search will help you find lots of funky sock retailers. If you are in the UK, Poundland currently stock long Rainbow Socks which make excellent Sock Poi for only £1 :)

You may also find this video on holding different Poi  Handles useful! This video is also made by Playpoi



Soft Glow Poi

Contact Poi

Poi Handles

Ninja Poi



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