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In Poi Reviews on January 8, 2012 at 7:26 pm

Handles for Socks 

I’ve been noticing many of you looking for Poi handles for Sock poi.  It’s pretty easy to add any of the ones below from homeofpoi. Poke the thin end through and just tie a knot. The work as they should.  You have the option of swivels too for hyper-loops and orbitals. The door knob looking handle is slightly weighted and so good for throws!

poi handles



If you haven’t already heard of flowtoys, where have you been? Get your eyeballs over there! They’re really dedicated to Poi spinning. The experience for the user and the audience. They make fantastic poi. There’s a video Here on community inspired handles and cords that they make. They pretty awesome!

They also have the most useful playlist ever. Definitely recommend viewing these videos if you’re making you’re own poi at home. Click the image to go there.



Contact Poi

Ninja Poi

Sock Poi

Soft Glow Poi


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