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In AAP BLOG on January 9, 2012 at 11:15 am

2013 update: Latest Oggz new click here


I’ve noticed

quite a few people come here searching for Ogg Poi that were sold by Flowtoys. I wrote to them a while back and this is what they told me

From flowtoys (April 2011)  Hi, Oggpoi are discontinued. The manufacturer of the oggz changed the shell and it’s now very hard and the light unit is very difficult to remove, which makes it almost impossible to convert into poi effectively. We have been desgining our own version for the past couple of years and it will exceed every quality of the oggpoi (which was a mood lighting product that we converted into poi rather than poi designed from the ground up). We hope to release it end of the year/beg next year. Keep an eye out for it! best, – Prisna

…BUT Fortunately

Spin Central have created a fantastic Do-it-yourself article so if you have the will here is the way: Build your own Ogg Poi

Ebay had several listings for Oggz at the time of writing this. You might be lucky and find some soft ones. But do NOT buy hard ones because they just aren’t convertable. If you do an image search on Google you can find retailers that way too. But Write to the seller first. If any body does decide to make there own, please do pop back and send us a snap shot to show everyone how easy it is.. or not. I’d be interested to know how you got on =)

Why all the fuss about Oggz?

Well, see that little unit they are sat in? That’s how you charge them. There are no switches and no batteries so no death of the light when you bash them. PLUS thems beautiful innit! 😉


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