Partner Poi

In AAP BLOG on January 16, 2012 at 8:09 pm

Everyone is Loving Partner Poi!

Screenshots from Looops’ Floooow video

What is it?

Partner Poi is spinning with two or more people, intertwining your Poi. It is beautiful to watch and slightly mind boggling too! 2011 saw several stand out videos’ appear on youtube, the most memorable by Loooops on their channel PartnerPoi.

Partner poi seems to have really grabbed everyone’s attention in the past year or so particularly. By the end of 2011 Partner poi was being chatted about pretty much everywhere.  2012 looks set to be a great year for it. New groups are popping up all the time on social networks and more and more inspiration is filling up your screen. Videos and tutorials are being created as we speak.. well more or less 🙂

Loooops 2008

See more Loooops Videos (YT Channel)

Visit Loops website


Where Can I find tutorials?

Playpoi have a beginners Partner Poi set of tutorials here

Zan and Aurora have some easy to follow tutorials here

Homeofpoi Have some slightly different ones here

Alienjon If you are on the look out for some mind bending inspiration look no further than this youtube channel I love Alienjon =)

See more AlienJon Videos

Searching for Partner Poi will bring up more tutorials for you, they are quite literally springing up everywhere! I’ve also seen a lot of offline workshops appearing on facebook. None close to me I might add! But widespread across America and Europe, and growing!



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