Contact Poi

In Poi Reviews on April 4, 2013 at 8:27 pm

Contact Poi   

contact poi

Contact Poi
 can be rolled along parts of your body.  But there’s more to them than contact play.

The counter weighted handles make throws, cateyes and stalls effortlessly beautiful. You can add weights to sock poi for this effect very easily.

Tech-poi moves create an optical illusion to the viewer. The balls seem to defy gravity!



The fused Sets

They come in 72-100mm ball sizes. The cord is fused in to the ball and handle with durable silicone gel. The handles can be bought seperately and fit nicely in to most sock poi if you’re looking for a simple counter weight.

fused contact poi



Swivel Parts

Swivels for better hyper-loops and orbitals. You can buy parts or sets with swivel handles. There are  counter weighted chains for fire poi.

swivel poi

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Contact Poi Tutorials


Drex’s Tech poi tutorials

Pendulum tutorials


Inspirational Youtubers:



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