Oggz are now Podz

In AAP BLOG on May 18, 2013 at 8:15 pm

Or rather…Podpoi have replaced the much missed Ogg Poi!

Oggz were discontinued by Flowtoys a couple years back. But WHY? I hear you cry! Well, the manufacturer changed the shells which made them too hard (doink!) and too difficult to convert.  Ogg Poi are still one of the highest searched for types of Poi.

Flowtoys know how much everyone loved them and they have risen to the challenge. They’ve been working long and hard behind the scenes.

 ..From Flowtoys April 2011 –   …We have been designing our own version (from the ground up) for the past couple of years and it will exceed every quality of the oggpoi ...

Well folks.. They are finally here. Prepare to gasp in awe.




Podpoi are now available on Homeofpoi! Click to get a 15% discount at the checkout. Includes all currencies.

There’s already page upon page of Podpoi videos on youtube by various spinners. I first heard about them through Nick Woolsey’s review video. You just got to Love Nick and his enthusiasm.

Nick’s Code

All I can say is I am so happy and so excited to see the return and vast improvement of the much loved oggz.. now known as podz.. well not really! They are…

The All New Magnificent Podpoi 


Images from Flowtoys Facebook gallery

  1. Very pretty colors.

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