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I will continue to update this post as time goes on. 🙂


These lessons can also be accessed on the youtube channel Meenik Probably the best source for learning Poi. Nick Woolsey is  the main video teacher and  is probably one of the most proliphic video makers online, and certainly the calm persona he has is both encouraging and easy to follow. You will want to hug your screen when you become familiar with him, he is simply wonderful.


You will find some of Nick Woolsey’s video’s here too, although not many. There are number of teachers here, which I believe are simply HOP members that are kind enough to support the rest of us! Some of the videos are not great quality, but they are all easy to follow, and the great thing about HOP is that you  can download them for Free!

Poipoi was the first site I used for lessons, and I highly recommend them for beginners, particularly weaves and butterfly tricks. They sell poi but I have not included them in my shopping list, as everything I have ever bought from them has fallen apart within a month!  However, they do have very good videos.


Channels for Lessons:, Alienjon, NathanielEverist, TaoAvatarthreeworlds,  Yuta

Channels for Inspiration: Cyrille, Loooops, Mcp and KeithRastaxel


Recommended reading

Poi Spinning: A Jam-packed Guide Click the link to find on amazon.. You can usually pick this book up for under $10 or £6 to your door on the market place.


Poi Lessons UK

Poi Passion

Based in Brighton, classes around £65 for an 8 Week Beginner course, with an impressive menu! The Poi Passion crew are definitely one of the most social groups in the south. Katie and co are always very busy and active. You can keep up with their classes and performances on Facebook too! Which is just awesome~

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To be continued…


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