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Home of poi are based in Australia. They are the Supermarket of Poi, though they do their own lines, some of their products are assembled in China which is why they are sometimes cheaper. They Reward you every time you shop with them with a discount that grows as you shop which can also be shared. On placing your first order you are given a discount code… You will be sent 10 glossy cards to give out to others with your code, and you will receive further rewards every time they are used as well as giving your friends an instant discount!


I know you probably wouldn’t expect it, but Amazon hosts a fine array of Poi Sellers, including; Flames and games,, Eriks Poi toys, Oddballs and flashing panda. The prices on amazon are matched to the sites and on occasion cheaper. They will never be more expensive on amazon, and that is why I like it so much and gave it a #2 rating. A collection of Poi sellers in one place… certainly makes life easier 🙂 are equally useful for Poi with sellers like Flowtoys, Dube Juggling and The Jolly lama to name a few.

 Glowpoi were the first people to put LEDs in Poi. The Canadian company was Established in 1994 and ships to wholesalers worldwide. Most Glows you see in shops are made by Glowpoi. One of the few environmentally aware, all Glowpoi toys come with  non-toxic battery cells. They also have a discount program coming soon, watch this space!


This site is promoted by Nick Woolsey from and the fabulous LoooopsHere you will find ‘glow’ Poi and the infamous OGG Poi  and the expensive but awesome FlowpoiThough this site is out of budget for many of us, they are the most talked about and sought after for glow poi.

~Smaller lesser known suppliers~ For something a little different. Not a huge range of Poi but some of the most unusual fabrics I’ve seen around.  I saw these Poi at the Sidmouth Festival in Devon. A wonderful Spanish (I think!) couple, run a twirling stall there and are there every year. I loved these Poi, so eye-catching, they are quite beautiful!

Planetzips are based in the  Philippines They teach poi and do all sorts! They are great group to follow. The orders are done by mail order or paypal as they don’t have a direct shop, but that said I wouldn’t let it put you off they have some funky gear that’s worth checking out!

To Be Continued…


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