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Sock Poi for Versatility

In Poi Reviews on March 14, 2011 at 12:03 pm

Versatility: 10/10

Dube Poi Socks

Sock Poi are the perfect practice Poi and still put on a good show. They give a satisfying swing with an even drag through the air. Sock Poi are visually mesmerising and look ‘trick’ on the eye. A lot of Advanced Poi Moves look stronger with Sock Poi. Stalls, isolations and Wrist wraps are very attractive to watch.

Sock Poi come in a variety of funky fabrics. Widely available and simple to make.  Sock Poi are more forgiving than wire, chain or string. They don’t tangle when they entwine themselves. Isolating is easier to learn because it is easier to see. Throwing & Catching is easier with sock poi too. Hyper-loops and Orbital’s are easy and smooth. Beware shinier Soc Poi fabrics, as they have less grip. Sock Poi typically Range from $7 – $30.00

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